Jewelry Repairs:

As experts in jewelry repair, the experts at Roof Jewelers can fix all types of jewelry, from precious stone settings to costume jewelry.

We can repair chains, size rings, retip prongs, replace prongs, replace missing stones, set new stones, solder rings together, or basically weld or solder any small item in need or repair. Common ring repairs include basic sizing, adding a ring guard to make a ring smaller without changing its original shape, replacing a worn shank and repairing the prongs by retipping or replacement. We can also remount or restyle your existing ring to create a more modern look.

Do you have a set of pearls that needs to be restrung? Bring it to us!

Other repairs we typically perform:

  • Replace posts on earrings
  • Convert earrings from post to clip-on, or from clip-on to post
  • Replace Omega backs or any type of ear wire
  • Rebuild hinges in bracelets and watches
  • Fix or replace broken catches
  • Engrave

These are all things that are done in-house, so you don't have to worry about your items being sent off-site. We'll take care of it while you wait, in some cases!

Our talented staff can even fix your broken eyeglass frames! And, we're knowledgeable about hollow ware, such as silver candlesticks. If it's broken and you think it can't be done, ask us first!

Watch Repair:

  • Battery replacement
  • Watch bands - repair or replace
  • Watch band adjustments and band sizing
  • Remove links
  • Replace crystals
  • Movement repair
  • Watch cleaning
  • Stems and crowns

Battery Replacement:

If it takes a button battery, we can put a battery in it for you! Watches, key fobs, anything! Don't worry, if we don't carry your brand of watch, we can still put a battery in it!

There are two programs from which to choose:

1. Better battery replacement:Start at $15.00. We replace the battery and offer a one year warranty. Should the battery fail at any time during the year period, we will replace it at no charge. Lithium batteries are $15.00 without a warranty.

2. Best battery replacement: $30.00. We replace the battery and offer a five year warranty. Should the battery fail at any time during the five year period, we will replace it at no charge. How does this work? We place a small sticker inside the watch with the date and the length of the warranty and supply you with as many batteries as you need during the warranty period.